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Welcome to SECAN

Connect With Artists in South and East County!

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What We Do

 The South and East County Arts Network is a volunteer group that assesses and supports creatives' needs, including artists, fabricators, musicians, performers, and entertainers. SECAN was founded in 2019 by local artists. We meet at different regional arts venues including the Bonita Museum & Cultural Center and The Front. We strive to create an open and inclusive environment where participants feel empowered to take risks and engage in challenging discussions.

South Bay artist Joyce Trinh documenting the "Gathering of Nations" held at the Bonita Museum & Cultural Center.


What We Discuss

During our meetings, we discuss artists' needs, such as studio space and funding for projects/artworks. We explore opportunities to showcase their work through pop-up spaces in rural areas like malls and parks. Additionally, we address the importance of providing access to the arts in rural areas and organizing professional development seminars, including studio tours, to support artists' growth and success.

Anne Porter of Imperial Beach Arts, speaking at the 2022 SECAN meeting at the Bonita Museum & Cultural Center


Your Unique Creativity Can Make a Difference!

Ways to Impact your Creative Community:

- Community Murals & Group Artworks

- Pop-Up Exhibitions

- Live Music & Dance Performances

- Film Production

Bonita Museum & Cultural Center interns Richard Jose and Ava Senise contributing on community mural at Marias Jalisco Corporation 

Upcoming Events

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